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  1. "Royal Rewards" refers to the frequent guest program offered by Royal Orchid Hotels.
  2. Reward points refer to the points given to a member for utilizing the services or facilities at the Royal Orchid Hotels.
  3. Membership of the “Royal Rewards” program is open only to an individual who has attained the age of 18 yrs. Any corporation, corporate entity, association or group cannot be enrolled in the “Royal Rewards” program. Membership has a perpetual validity.
  4. All communications will be delivered to the mailing address (postal or e-mail) as indicated in the enrolment form. Any change of information, as provided in the "Royal Rewards" enrolment form, will have to be immediately communicated to the Royal Orchids Hotels in writing or updated online at the program web site all communications will be deemed to have been received by members. The Royal Orchid Hotels bear no responsibility for communications not received or lost in transit.
  5. To provide valuable information and deliver offers to members, mailing lists will be developed under the Royal Rewards program. These lists will be developed under strict supervision, so as to safeguard the privacy of members.
  6. All Royal Orchid Hotels services redeemed by members must be settled in cash or by credit card, if the bill amount exceeds the Gift Voucher value.
  7. Any instrument of Redemption (Gift Vouchers or Gift Items) will not be reissued or re-sent if stolen, destroyed or otherwise lost.
  8. Redemptions are subject to availability and advance booking is required.
  9. Entry into the Royal Rewards Program is deemed acceptance of all terms and conditions therein.
  10. The images shown are just indicative of the product being offered, the actual product may vary from the displayed image.
  11. Though all due care is exercised by Royal Orchid to ensure that product(s) being dispatched should be free from all defects, in case of any defect(s), Royal Orchid is not and cannot be held responsible for defective products being shipped.
  12. In case of defective product(s), the person redeeming the product has to directly co-ordinate with the manufacturer to avail warranty/repairs.
  13. No two offers can be clubbed together.
  14. Once the redemption is processed, no changes will be allowed.
  15. All disputes are to be governed by the laws of Bangalore Jurisdiction.
  16. Guarantee and availability of products in the Rewards Catalogue is subject to the vendor’s capacity.
  17. Member have to earn minimum no of points in a year to maintain the membership tier. Rules for member’s tier maintenance are mentioned in the table below:
    Tier Points required for tier maintenance
    Silver -
    Silver to Gold 9,600
    Gold to Platinum 30,000
  18. Products redeemed from rewards catalogue will be delivered only in India.


Structure and duration of program:

  1. The Royal Orchid Hotels reserves the right to modify or close the "Program" or any part thereof at any time, and also reserves the right to adjust the value of the points or the discount percentages when necessary at any time, without notice or assigning any reason with or without prior notification.
  2. Royal Orchid is not responsible for, and reserves the right to correct any typographical errors regarding qualification.
  3. All interpretations of these terms and conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Royal Orchid Hotels.
  4. These terms and conditions supersede all prior terms and conditions and additional restrictions may apply.
  5. The Royal Orchid Hotels reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant or revoke membership of any member at its discretion, without assigning any reason.
  6. "Royal Rewards" points that are not redeemed by the member will expire in 2 years from the date of earning.
  7. Royal Reward members earn points on room nights.
  8. Points will be awarded based on the category of room booked and will not be changed in case of complimentary upgrades to a higher category.
  9. "Royal Rewards" points will be credited to the Royal Rewards member account for all actual bookings based on room nights, valid at all participating hotels. Points will not be awarded for any no-shows or duplicate bookings made.


Defined Terms

  1. "Member" means a guest at the Royal Orchid (defined as individuals who have been accepted as members by the Royal Orchid Hotels OR who have accepted the program’s Terms & Conditions). Membership of the "Royal Rewards" program entitles members to earn points, which can be redeemed for rewards in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the program.
  2. "Card" refers to either the regular Royal Orchid membership magnetic stripe card OR the printed copy of the e-card a member will receive on enrolling online.
  3. One "Qualifying Stay" is a stay of one or more consecutive nights spent at the same hotel (whether or not a member checks out and checks back in again), during which a Qualifying Member pays a Qualifying Rate for at least one night during the stay. If a Select Guest member is not named on the reservation prior to departing the hotel, the stay is not a Qualifying Stay.


Room Night Redemption:

  1. Royal Orchid rooms’ reservation would need to be made 21 Days prior to date of arrival.
  2. Room type availability and room rates are not guaranteed.
  3. If the rate of your preference is unavailable, your reservation will be subject to the prevailing rate for the accommodations available.
  4. Blackout dates for special events or due to high occupancy levels would apply on the membership - blackout dates are subject to change.
  5. Cancellation request for room nights has to be made within the 72hours prior to check in date, any request outside of the time frame specified will not be honoured and Reward points against this reservation will be deemed to have been spent.


Qualifying Rates

  1. A "Qualifying Rate" is a rate available to the general public for such night, but specifically does not include the following rates:
    1. Tours series rates and charter rates.
    2. Room rates for airline staff and crew where rooms are pre-booked and paid for by the airline or directly.
    3. Travel-industry staff rates.
    4. Any employee rates, employee family or employee friends discount rates.
    5. Other discounted rates.
    6. Any complimentary, free, traded or bartered night stays, or any stays in connection with gift certificates or other awards or vouchers.
  2. Royal Orchid shall determine if a rate is a Qualifying Rate at its sole discretion.


Qualifying Members

  1. A "Qualifying Guest" is a registered member whose name appears on the room reservation and who pays for the room.
  2. Associations, corporations, and groups are not Qualifying Members.
  3. If two or more members occupy the same room, credits will be awarded only to the member whose name appears on the room reservation.
  4. If more than one name is on a single room reservation, awards will be credited to the member whose name appears first.


Benefits and Privileges:

  1. Specific benefits and privileges have been established for the Royal Rewards program. However, benefits and privileges offered by participating Royal Orchid Hotels may differ.
  2. The sale or barter of any Royal Rewards benefits, certificates, reward confirmations and vouchers by entities or individuals, other than the Royal Orchid Hotels, are expressly prohibited. Any points, certificates or benefits deemed to have been bartered or sold in violation of the program Terms & Conditions are subject to confiscation or cancellation.
  3. The Royal Rewards program and any benefits, offerings or privileges relating to it, shall not be construed as, or otherwise establish, a contractual relationship between the Royal Orchid Hotels and members of the Royal Rewards program.
  4. The Royal Orchid Hotels reserve the right to add, modify or delete tier level benefits and/or qualifications, with or without notice.
  5. The Royal Rewards membership is not transferable and its benefits and privileges can be availed only by the member.
  6. To upgrade to Gold or Platinum tier, members will have to earn minimum number of qualifying points.
  7. The offer on F&B is only applicable on restaurants.